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Rideshare Accident

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Call A Rideshare Accident Attorney In Houston

Uber and Lyft are examples of Rideshare services that promote ride-sharing as a convenient and safe means of getting to your destination.


As the use of smartphones becomes more popular, rideshare apps have eliminated the need for making phone calls to obtain a taxi. Now, all users need to do is a simple click on the app to get a ride within minutes at a reduced cost of a taxi.


Using the rideshare app is simple and is one of the most common ways to obtain low-cost rides across town. Various vehicles are available for instant transportation by clicking on a rideshare app. No one can argue that rideshare services have significantly reduced the number of DWI accidents in Houston by providing instant and low-cost transportation for users who may have been inebriated.


While this makes for a convenient means of transportation, it is impossible to ignore the fact that rideshare drivers are prone to errors and get into accidents. When this happens, you can get seriously injured in such a crash. Then, you may need to pursue your injury claim.


As you do so, the complexity of making a claim can be overwhelming for you since such an accident involves rideshare companies. As a result, you need a competent law firm that can take the fight to big organizations. With this in mind, Take That To Trial is your best bet!

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What Causes Rideshare Accidents In Houston?

While rideshare services are a convenient means of moving around Houston, their drivers have no special training. There are no special licenses required to drive for rideshare services. The companies might carry out background checks on their prospective drivers. Yet, this offers no guarantee that the driver is cautious behind the wheel and this might cause collisions. Common causes of rideshare accidents are introduced as follows:


Driving a vehicle at high speeds is never safe and this could result in victims suffering more devastating injuries - or worse - given the greater force of impact in the collision. Speeding is common among rideshare drivers who are more likely to travel at great speeds just to transport their passengers to their destination as quickly as possible so they can pick up the next ride and receive their next fee.

Distracted Driving

While smartphones are one of the major contributors to the convenience of rideshare services, they can be a major distraction for rideshare drivers. You will see some drivers who are frequently checking their GPS and mobile phones while driving. It takes a reasonable level of concentration to drive on public roads. By taking their eyes off the road, they increase the possibility of causing a crash.


It is no strange news that getting inebriated compromises judgment, reaction time, vision, and ability to judge distances. This is what happens when a driver is intoxicated. They could engage in all reckless driving practices that can lead to a wreck.


As drivers try to make ends meet, some may drive longer than they need to. Poor management also makes rideshare drivers work long hours without any rest. A drowsy driver with reckless driving practice is a perfect recipe for disaster. After all, it becomes more likely that such a driver will cause an accident due to the lack of alertness and their drowsiness behind the wheel.


As mentioned earlier, rideshare drivers do not undergo special training before they are employed. There are no special license requirements before they are allowed to transport passengers. Some collisions are unavoidable when unqualified and inexperienced drivers lack the needed skills to respond properly to traffic conditions on highways and congested roads.

Violation of Traffic Laws 

Common violations of traffic laws include speeding, running red lights, reckless driving, and failing to yield. These practices are not beyond many rideshare drivers who are often in a hurry to get their passengers to their destination to receive their next fare.

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Who Can Be Liable For Injuries Resulting From A Rideshare Accident In Houston?

Are you involved in a rideshare accident in Houston and you wish to pursue compensation? According to Texas state law, it is possible to recover compensation from any person who contributes to an accident in which you suffered an injury. Liability is allocated between all parties who share fault.


Generally, a party that plays a bigger role will assume greater financial responsibility. Our attorneys at Take That To Trial will carefully investigate your rideshare accident to determine why it occurred while determining the liable parties. We will help you seek compensation, as required, from any liable parties, which can include the following:

  • Uber passengers

  • The Uber driver

  • Truck drivers

  • Drivers of other cars on the road

  • Bicyclists

  • Vehicle manufacturers

  • Pedestrians

  • Employers of negligent parties

  • Mechanics

  • Transit companies

  • Government agencies

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Reach out to us at Take That To Trial to arrange a free consultation. We are accessible and responsible. So, give us a call now!


How Do You Get an Insurance Claim in Rideshare Accidents?

Anytime you get injured on a Lyft or Uber ride, you may believe that getting compensation should be quite straightforward. However, that cannot be further from the truth. The recovery of your losses is a function of certain factors. Certain questions may be raised as a result of your insurance claim from a rideshare accident:

  • Were you a passenger in the rideshare vehicle when the collision occurred? or were you hit by a rideshare vehicle?

  • Did you request the rideshare service or were you simply a passenger with the person who requested it?

  • If you requested the service, your injury compensation claim may be subject to arbitration given the various terms in the contract when the ride was called and then accepted.

  • If you did not request the service, but were simply a passenger with the person who requested the service, your claim will probably not be subject to arbitration. Rather, it can be litigated in court. Either way, Take That To Trial can help you.

  • If you were hit in the rideshare accident, was there a passenger with the driver, or was the driver simply on their way to pick up a passenger?

  • If the driver was with a passenger or was on their way to pick up a passenger, then it is likely that the rideshare is covered by Lyft's or Uber's liability insurance. Typically, the insurance coverage can be as high as $1 million.

  • Was the driver on the app while waiting for a ride request when the collision took place? In this case, you may also be covered. Be that as it may, Lyft and Uber liability amounts may be significantly lower than they would be if the driver was with a passenger or driving to get to one.

  • If the driver was on the app, then the amounts covered may go as high as $100,000 per accident. This coverage takes into consideration $25,000 for property damage and $50,000 for liability on a bodily injury. If the injury you suffered was a serious one, then these aforementioned amounts may just begin to cover the costs. Having an experienced lawyer at Take That To Trial by your side is very important.

  • If the driver was not on the app, Uber and Lyft do not offer any coverage for the accident. Then, the driver's personal car insurance should come to the fore. In this circumstance, you should figure out if the driver was logged in, the insurance they have, and the various recovery options you can explore.

It is worth noting that the status of the driver's app when the rideshare collision occurred can have a significant impact on your recovery. The companies and their insurer will most likely fight to undervalue your claim by lowballing you. In this case, Take That To Trial is your best option. We are not afraid to take the fight to big companies and their insurers as we pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

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What to Do After a Rideshare Accident

No one can argue that the popularity of rideshare services has completely changed the way Americans commute from one place to another. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that these apps have replaced the use of taxis to move around.


Yet, as its usage and popularity grow, so does the rate and possibility of traffic accidents. Regardless of the severity of the injury, you may have sustained if you are involved in a rideshare accident, knowing what to do after this crash is very important, especially when it comes to receiving the compensation you deserve.


Some essential actions you should take are introduced as follows:

Check Out for Injuries

After a rideshare accident, the first course of action is to assess yourself and all other parties involved in the collision for injuries. Depending on the severity of the accident, the injuries suffered during rideshare accidents can be very serious.


However, once you are physically able to move, call 911 to seek immediate medical attention. It is worth stressing that the shock of the accident, as well as the subsequent adrenaline rush, may mask some serious injuries. This may only become apparent several hours or days after the incident. This makes seeking medical attention very important.

Report the Accident to the Police

This is one of the most important steps you must not neglect! Having a responding police officer at the crash scene for investigation will help in creating an official police report that will reveal information that can support your claim and identify a liable party.


It wasn't long ago that Uber created an in-app emergency button that allows you to dial 911 as quickly as possible. The app will even provide relevant information with respect to the vehicle and your location. These are what you can share with the police.

Report the Accident to the Rideshare Service

It is unsafe to assume that the accident will be reported by Uber and Lyft drivers to their employers. There has been news of Uber parting ways with some drivers after they were involved in a crash. Your driver may be reluctant to take this risk.


It is also possible to report traffic accidents through the app under the “Trip Issues” section. It is very important that you remain careful anytime you are dealing with the representatives of rideshare companies. Rather, simply refer them to your attorney. At Take That To Trial, we have competent attorneys that can represent you to fight for your interest.

Take Photos

Documenting scenes can help you build a strong case. Immediately after the accident, ensure that you take photos of the scene as best as you can. These could include your injuries, pictures of the vehicles, skid marks, debris, and any other details that may be relevant.


So much can change immediately after the accident before it takes the police officers to arrive at the scene. For this, taking photos or making videos as quickly as you can is very good. You should try to speak to any witnesses and figure out if they have any information they would be willing to share.


Do not ask them what they saw at that moment because this would seem like you are trying to influence them. Speak to them and get their statement.

Screenshot the App

Ensure that you take a screenshot of your ride as seen on the app. This is proof that you were using the rideshare service when the accident occurred. This is relevant information to share with your attorney. If the crash was caused by the rideshare driver, you should ensure that you get their insurance details. 

Seek Medical Attention

The importance of getting medical attention after an accident cannot be stressed enough. Your health is the priority, and for this reason, you should always seek the counsel and assistance of medical professionals, irrespective of the severity of the crash, as well as the apparent seriousness of your injuries.


Knowing the full extent of your injury will not only keep you safe by preventing any complications but also work to your advantage as you seek compensation. After all, it is always great to establish a connection between the accident and your health. In fact, if you are reluctant to visit a doctor immediately after a rideshare injury, you may give the impression that your injury is not as serious as it really is.


You must always remember that insurance companies will question anything just to undervalue your claim. Some might even argue that you never sustained any injuries even if physical evidence is right in front of them. With this in mind, never give them any room to doubt your entitlement.


You should also keep different copies of the medical bills, as well as other documents that relate to your injuries.

Hire a Rideshare Accident Attorney

It is not uncommon to find some people who think they can handle the complexities of pursuing compensation claims all by themselves. This is exactly why it is wise to hire the service of a rideshare accident attorney. It is one thing to reel from the impact of a serious rideshare accident on your physical and mental health, it is another thing to take up the burden of negotiating a settlement all by yourself.


Moreover, hiring an expert will ensure that you can rely on sufficient knowledge to fight for your compensation claim. You should always remember that rideshare companies and insurance carriers are no strangers to dealing with accident claims. They will try all they can to undervalue your claim. After all, they know what they can get away with when they deal directly with the victims.


By reaching out to a lawyer, you will gather the right evidence that can give you an advantage during negotiation. No stone will be left unturned and you will get the entire compensation you deserve. Besides the fact that a rideshare lawyer will help you mediate and negotiate the right settlement on your behalf, they can also help you ease the burden of fighting compensation as you take time to recover.


Contact us at Take That To Trial in Houston and you will work with our competent attorney to get the deserved result you want.


Time Limit For Filing A Rideshare Accident Lawsuit In Houston

According to the law in the state of Texas, victims that are injured in a rideshare accident, which happened in the state, have two years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit. What this implies is that if you were injured in a rideshare accident and you wish to sue the rideshare company for playing a part in the injuries and damages you may have suffered, you have just two years to investigate this claim, develop a case, negotiate with the insurance company, and file a lawsuit in court.


This is a lot of steps to take for that specified period of time. Negotiation with an insurer can take months before an agreement can be reached. When an agreement proves impossible to reach with the insurer, you may decide to take the case to court. To ensure that you don't exhaust the time limit and be denied of getting the compensation you are entitled to, it is best you act as fast as possible.


If you have been injured in a rideshare accident, contact Take That To Trial in Houston immediately to get the process started.


How Rideshare Companies And Government Can Reduce Rideshare Accidents

The risk of rideshare accidents can be significantly reduced when rideshare companies and the government implement regulations that facilitate safe driving. Some of the most effective measures that can be adopted to reduce rideshare accidents are explained as follows:

Implement Stricter Policies

To promote safe driving practices among drivers, the government should enforce stricter regulations and policies on rideshare companies. Conducting routine safety training for drivers is an important practice that rideshare companies should adopt. Besides this, vehicles should be properly inspected before they are allowed to move on roads. 

Driver Education Programs Can Be Effective

Insurance companies can implement driver education programs to facilitate safe driving practices among their drivers. These programs should include important safety precautions that can prevent accidents. The dangers of speeding, distracted driving, and other bad driving practices should be stressed for these drivers.

Public Awareness Campaigns Are Needed

The safety of the people is essential and the government could go a long way to promoting this by launching public awareness programs that can stress the importance of embracing safe driving practices. These campaigns will educate the public on the dangers of unsafe driving while also teaching pedestrians the dangers of negligence as they commute from one place to another.

Incentivize Safe Driving

The government can also offer incentives for safe driving practices. These could include reduced insurance rates for drivers who may have not been involved in a rideshare accident. This will encourage drivers to adopt safe driving practices on the road.

Enforce Better Vehicle Inspections

Insurance companies should endeavor to implement better vehicle inspections to promote their vehicles' safe working conditions. This could include checking tires, brakes, and other essential parts of the vehicles. This will help in preventing malfunctions or breakdowns anytime drivers are on the road. With these regular inspections, it is easier to identify potential safety issues while minimizing the risks of accidents.

Enforce Limits On Driving Hours

The government can also enforce limits on the number of hours that rideshare drivers can be on the road in a single day or week. This can help prevent the possibility of fatigue, which is one of the common causes of accidents on the road. Enforcing limits on driving hours can ensure that the government reduces the risk of accidents as drivers become more alert and focused.


Call Take That To Trial For Legal Assistance

You need the counsel and assistance of a top attorney in Houston. Our attorneys at Take That To Trial will pursue your interest and ensure that you get the right compensation you need for your recovery. We can help you do the following:

  • Gather relevant evidence and investigate the accident

  • Deal with all the paperwork that can help you develop your claim

  • Help you figure out who is responsible for your injuries in the rideshare accident

  • Explain your right and the law that relates to your claim, as well as your options for recovery

  • Negotiate with rideshare and insurance companies

  • File a lawsuit in court while helping you speed up your recovery


At Take That To Trial, we fight for the compensation of our clients who have been involved in rideshare accidents. Our team of attorneys has more than 20 years of experience and they are more than capable of helping injured clients claim their compensation.


We understand all it takes to build a strong rideshare accident claim and we have all the resources needed to help you. You can contact us via:


1401 Cleburne St, Houston, Texas 77004




Ph: (832) 770-6100


Fax: (832) 426-5798

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