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Construction Accidents

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Have You Been Injured While Working On A Construction Site?

The diversity of Houston is no strange news. It is a city that is characterized by constant growth and renewal. You will find numerous beautiful neighborhoods, office buildings, and shopping malls everywhere you go in the city. The engine that powers this constant growth is the effort of dutiful construction workers in Houston. Much like other workers, it is important for their workers to keep them safe. 


Sadly, you will find many construction companies in Houston that often consider their hard-working construction crew to be disposable. They prioritize making profits over the safety of their workers. They expose their workers to long hours of unsafe conditions, which can result in severe working accidents and injuries.


Some of the most common industrial and construction accidents include heavy equipment accidents (including forklifts), back injuries, and eye injuries, among others. These catastrophic injuries may leave families struggling to survive and make ends meet.


Were you injured in a construction accident due to the negligence of another party? If so, you may have questions about what to do next. It may also be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, our Houston construction accident attorneys at Take That To Trial offer FREE consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Call now at (832) 770-6100. There is NO cost to get a consultation and our lawyers will help you learn more about your rights as an accident victim. If you hire us, you only pay us when we win your case. Our attorneys are competent when it comes to handling construction work accidents. The two decades of experience will help you get the needed legal assistance to pursue a compensation claim and protect your rights.

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Construction Workers At Risk in Texas: Stats Back This Up

The safety policy forms a part of the Build Houston Better coalition, which is aimed to upgrade and expand workplace protections for employees and contractors across the United States. The startling amount of workers who lose their lives weekly on the job is a cause for alarm.

  •  In Texas in 2019, 123 construction workers died in workplace accidents. This includes 32 accidents that involve motor vehicles and 13 fatalities that involve exposure to harmful environments or substances. This stat is based on reports by the BLS. Based on a five-day work week, this is the same as a construction site death just about every other workday.

  •  In all, 608 Texas workers died from occupational injuries in 2019, making construction industry deaths 20 percent of the total.

  • The Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers’ Compensation said in a November 2020 report that there were 11,300 nonfatal injuries and illnesses reported in the state’s construction industry in 2019. This is an incidence rate of 1.5 cases per 100 full-time equivalent workers in Texas. Based on a five-day work week, this is the same as 43 construction site injuries each workday.

  • In all Texas private industry, there were 187,600 nonfatal injuries and illnesses reported in 2019. Injuries and illnesses in the construction industry, which constituted 6 percent of the state’s total.

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Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Houston

The vast majority of all construction site accidents are preventable. This is especially so if companies and construction workers adhere strictly to essential safety guidelines and protocols, which can help to avoid them. Here are the main causes of accidents in construction:

Causes of construction transport accidents

Some of the most common causes of construction site transport incidents are caused by: 

  • Vehicles or heavy equipment rolling over on uneven or steep terrain

  • Vehicles or heavy equipment backing over workers

  • Overloaded cranes and lifts malfunction and tip over or drop loaded materials


What exacerbates these accidents is the fact that construction sites can be very loud. They are often so loud that traffic movement and signals are almost impossible to perceive. These accidents are generally avoidable if site managers prioritize the marking of construction sites while also creating adequate zones of travel, and properly train vehicle operators.

Causes of slips, falls, and trips

Workers can suffer significant injuries regardless of height. The most common causes of fatal construction falls are:

  • Lack of protection from falling objects for people working below

  • Lack of fall protection for workers at an elevation

  • Tripping hazards from construction material and debris on site


There are unique guidelines that are set in place for construction workers at a great height. These specifications involve the use of ladders and scaffolding, as well as other hazards due to construction.

Causes of equipment contact accidents

Construction accidents come in different types,  some of which are listed as follows: 

  • “caught-between” accidents

  • “struck by object” accidents 

  • electrocution accidents

  • tool-related accidents 

  • crushing accidents


It is possible for construction workers to be caught in or heavily injured by heavy machinery, which can cause severe accidents and injuries. They may also be accidentally struck by machinery, tools, or objects, which are used by other workers. Oftentimes, these types of accidents are preventable when the proper use of safety equipment is adopted. Besides this, it is also important to follow established safety guidelines for machinery, vehicles, and electricity while having high situational awareness of the surroundings.


Are There Any Challenges That Are Related to the Recovery from Construction Site Accidents?

If you suffer an injury in a construction site accident, you may be entitled to compensation and recovery for your damages. This is true regardless of the extent of the injury. Be that as it may, filing construction site accident lawsuits is not without some special challenges for victims. Some of the factors to consider are listed as follows:


There could be multiple causes of construction site accidents. Various factors may also be responsible for these accidents. Some of these are:

  • Construction site workers who are poorly trained in safety procedures or safe operation of equipment

  • Inclement weather that causes slipping hazards or obscures visibility

  • Construction site managers who failed to adequately mark work areas or manage traffic

  • Equipment malfunctions

  • Construction projects usually have multiple companies, in complex relationships.

  • Construction site supervisors who failed to properly brief workers about safety hazards and protocols


It is worth stressing that construction projects can be complex and there are numerous responsibilities and roles that workers must play. Different job duties can be shared among various parties. Thanks to these various factors, there may be multiple causes of action. Victims can pursue different claims, including a personal injury claim, a workers’ comp claim, or a wrongful death claim.


Anytime construction workers suffer accidents, thorough investigations must be conducted to determine the guilty party while figuring out liability. If you are a victim of a construction site accident, having a competent attorney by your side is very important, especially if you are looking to hold all at-fault parties responsible.


At Take That To Trial, you can rely on our competent attorneys to guide you through the various legal processes. We also help you assess the multiple options you can explore to make the best-informed decisions.


Who are the Liable Parties in Construction Accidents?

Being able to determine liability and hold guilty parties accountable is important anytime there is a construction site accident. It is important to stress that employers may owe their employees a duty of care.


This is particularly essential in terms of construction sites, which involve the use of heavy machinery, as well as the consideration of heights. This makes appropriate training, compliance, and equipment maintenance paramount. Construction companies also prioritize safety protocols and industry standards.


Employers may be protected by the workers’ comp benefits from liability when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. As a result, victims of construction site accidents are unable to file a lawsuit against their employer in court anytime they suffer workplace injuries. This is what happens if they are covered by workers’ comp.


Be that as it may, sometimes a third party can also be at fault. For this reason, it behooves you to seek the service of a competent construction accident attorney who is able to evaluate your unique situation while acquainting you with the numerous options you can explore.


Some third parties involved in construction site accidents may include:

The owners of the construction site

Some of the essential functions of a construction site owner are listed as follows:

  • Providing adequate financing for the project

  • Facilitating site surveys

  • Securing and paying for easements

  • Warranting owner furnished materials

  • Warranting all plans and specifications

  • Sharing superior knowledge

  • Acting on clarifications and changes

  • Interpreting important documents

  • Promoting cooperation with the contractor

  • Choosing the right professionals for the project

  • Constantly interacting with various bodies of the government

  • Communication with real estate professionals to put up the finished project for sale.

  • Interacting with title companies to facilitate sales.


If the owner of the construction site fails to carry out any of these aforementioned duties, they can be held liable for any injuries workers may suffer due to their negligence.


Architects are generally involved in the planning of a construction project. Each of these experts can also be held liable to a certain degree anytime accidents occur. In each case, third-party faults may be established.


Architects are considered the originator of the entire plan of a building. As a result, they have a responsibility to create comprehensive blueprints while ensuring that any edits made by the client adhere to various building codes. They also help in compiling project specifications and overseeing routine inspections. This helps in making sure that all structures are built according to the blueprints.


Architects are also responsible for conducting site visits, which ensures compliance with local building ordinances and regulations. They also communicate changes and developments to builders and site owners. These are some of the many responsibilities of an architect. When a worker suffers an injury due to the failure of an architect to carry out their responsibilities, they can be held liable.

Equipment manufacturers and equipment rental companies

Having the right equipment for the right job in the right working conditions is important in enabling workers to carry out their jobs safely without any issues. However, employees will be exposed to a significant level of risks when the right sets of equipment are not used.


It behooves equipment manufacturers and equipment rental companies to provide the best equipment that can guarantee the safety of workers on construction sites. Otherwise, these companies may be held liable if their negligence results in the injury of a worker.


By hiring the service of a top Houston construction accident lawyer, you can easily conduct an in-depth investigation to determine whether or not these third parties may be liable for your injuries. This is what we offer you at Take That To Trial. Our attorneys are well-versed in all it takes to provide our clients with the required support that can enable them to establish liability as they pursue the right compensation claim you deserve.


Construction sites are often dangerous places, considering the fact that workers often need to handle heavy machinery. This makes it very important to adhere to the various safety precautions of working in such environments. Sadly, it is not uncommon to find many employees who are not adequately trained or supervised enough. As a result, employee negligence represents one of the most common causes of construction accidents. If the action of a coworker causes the injury of another employee, they may be held liable for negligence. For instance, a coworker may make a construction site more hazardous if they are not wearing high-visibility clothing near vehicles or equipment.

General contractors

Depending on the terms set in the contract, contractors are generally responsible for providing all the building materials and equipment that are required to run the project. The contractor's responsibility is to verify the vendors and make sure that the quality of the material coming to the construction sites is appropriate and sufficient.


However, if a general contractor fails to do any of this, and a worker suffers an injury as a result, they can be held liable for the injury suffered.

Inspectors and maintenance companies

Every construction site must have a supervisor who is charged with the responsibility of overseeing all the workers and their performance. The supervisor should manage all the workers while ensuring that they are doing all the things they can do safely and correctly.


If the inspection and maintenance of materials and resources are poor, the safety protocol will most likely be ignored. This can deprive workers of the right resources they need to safely get their job done. Supervisors are responsible for numerous daily activities at the worksite, besides assigning duties. Supervisors must ensure that employees are provided with safe working conditions. When their functions are neglected and workers suffer injury as a result, supervisors may be held responsible.

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Call Our Lawyers At Take That To Trial

Many people often think that handling a car accident issue by themselves is quite easy. That cannot be further from the truth. Your chances of winning a construction site accident compensation claim are significantly higher anytime you employ the service of a top Houston construction site attorney.


This will ensure that insurance companies are unable to undervalue your claim. This will also ensure that you can take the rest you need for your physical recovery. The various impacts of construction site accidents can be immense, regardless of the severity. For this reason, pursuing a compensation claim will contribute to your recovery. This is why you need to seek a top attorney as fast as possible.


Getting compensation for any wrongdoings at a construction site, which may have led to your injuries, is your entitlement. This is even true when the impacts of the injury on your health are taken into consideration. With this in mind, the best course of action is to reach out to our attorneys at Take That To Trial.


We are here to help you. We have more than 20 years of experience in handling construction sites accidents compensation claims. The right resources are at your disposal to pursue a claim. Our lawyers are available at all times to listen to you and offer the best legal advice.


Consultation is free and you can reach out to us via:




Ph: (832) 770-6100


Fax: (832) 426-5798


You can visit us at 1401 Cleburne St,


Houston, Texas 77004


We can't wait to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Bring a Construction Site Injury Case?

Ans:  Anyone who has been injured due to an unsafe construction site may have the legal right to file a lawsuit against any architect, general contractor, sub-contractor, construction manager, or property owner for failing to maintain a safe work site.  These injured persons could range from the workers on the job site and those visiting the job site. It may also include the people passing by the job site (pedestrians and motorists).  

2. What Should I do if I was Injured on a New Jersey or Philadelphia Construction Site?

Ans:  If you or a family member were injured on a construction site, taking the following steps can help protect your legal rights and options for recovery in the future.

  • Seek Medical Attention Immediately: This is the first step you must take any time you are involved in a construction site accident. Remember, your health is the priority. Besides this, there is no way to be sure that you do not have a life-threatening injury until medical personnel can fully evaluate your injury.

  • File a Report: According to the law, if you are involved in a construction site accident, you are required to file a report with your employer if physically possible, by detailing as much of the accident as you remember. You can seek the help of a lawyer with this.

  • Take Photographs: If you can, take pictures of the accident scene at the worksite. This should highlight visual information that can assist you in explaining how the incident that led to your injury happened. If you are not physically able to do so, get a co-worker to do it.

  • Reach out to a Construction Accident Attorney: Contact a Houston construction site accident attorney to help you fill out all accident-related forms. They will also represent you before critical evidence disappears.

  • Journal What You Recall: Maintain a journal that contains all of your records while noting any symptoms and doctor visits, as well as discussions with others

3. Who are the Responsible Parties in a Construction Site Injury Case?

Ans:  The party you can legally hold liable for your construction site injuries depends on who or what caused your accident. However, construction sites are generally regarded as hazardous areas. For this reason, safety must be managed to avoid any preventable injuries due to construction work. 


When safety is not promoted, injuries occur. Managing safety on the worksite represents the basic responsibility of all construction sites. As a result, safety and accountability often begin at the top, with general contractors, construction managers, and property owners being most often held liable for failing to manage safety and for allowing hazards to exist on the job site.


However, other parties can also be responsible for your construction site accident injuries. These include coworkers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and inspectors, among others. You should hire the best Houston construction site accident attorney to help you make the compensation claim process as fast as possible.


Crucial evidence may disappear on construction sites after a serious injury. For this reason, immediate action is necessary to protect your legal rights while ensuring that all responsible parties are held accountable. This is what competent attorneys at Take That To Trial can help you achieve.

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