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Car Accident

a car accident

Call an Experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney To Fight For Compensation You Are Entitled To

Oftentimes, car accidents render victims struggling with exorbitant medical bills, as well as serious losses, which may be beyond their means. Are you dealing with the aftermath of an auto collision? Or are you currently deciding whether or not you need to employ the service of an attorney?


At Take That To Trial, we understand the importance of reaching out to an experienced car accident attorney, even when the losses are not significant. By hiring a competent attorney, you can leave the investigation of the crash to capable hands while you prioritize your physical recovery and spend time with your family.


Our attorneys at Take That To Trial have recovered millions for our clients who have been wrongfully injured. Rest assured that we will help you fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

after accident

What You Should Do After a Car Accident

In the United States, more than six million car accidents occur every year. Luckily, a vast majority of these accidents involve only property damage - damage done to the vehicle, but not the occupants. However, it is worth stressing that one in three car accidents causes personal injury to drivers or passengers.


Even though we all try to prevent a car accident, it is important to understand what to do if you are involved in one. This helps you protect yourself, as well as your interest. Keep reading to learn more!


You must never leave or drive away from a scene of an accident, regardless of how significant it is.

Protect the Scene

To protect the scene and prevent further accidents, you may set up flares, or keep flashers on. If the accident occurred in the dark and you find your lights not working, you may choose to have a flashlight to ensure your safety as you wait in your crashed car or simply wait by the roadside. 

Call 911

Regardless of the extent of the accident (whether it is regarded as a minor or major collision), it is essential to contact the police. It is indeed legally required in some states. Then, the responding police officer must fill out an accident report as they document the scene.


However, if the police are unable to reach the scene of the collision, ensure that you visit the nearest police station to complete a report. Once a claim is filed with your insurer, you may be required for a copy of the police reports to facilitate the claim process.

Ensure That the Record You Make is Accurate

As soon as the police arrive, ensure that you inform the investigating officer of how the event unfolded. This should be done to the best of your ability. If you cannot recall certain facts, inform the officer. It is important that you do not guess, misstate, or speculate any facts.


If an officer asks you if you are injured and you are unsure, simply tell them you are not sure, instead of saying no. In many cases, the injuries and resulting pain from car accidents can become apparent several hours after the actual accidents. You may also ensure that statements made by other people involved in the collision are correct.

Take Pictures

If your mobile phone is designed with a camera - or you have a camera in the vehicle - ensure that you take several pictures of the vehicles involved, especially if the damage is visible. If your injuries are visible, you should take photos of them as well. Be that as it may, you must never, in any way, interfere with the ongoing investigation by the police. If it is impossible to take photos at the scene of the car accident, ensure you do so as soon as you can immediately after the accident.

Exchange information

The investigating police officer will gather this information. Yet, if the police cannot respond to the car accident, ensure that you get the name, telephone number, and address of everyone involved in the car accident. It is equally important that information about insurance is obtained by seeking the insurance card for all vehicles involved in the car accident.


If any witnesses are present, you may gather information from them. This ensures that you or your lawyer can reach out to them. If a responding police officer is present at the scene of the car accident, the officer will provide all drivers with a police report number. You can make use of this number in the future to obtain the police report. If the collision occurs on a state highway, you must request a report from the state police.

Report the Accident

Ensure that you notify the insurance company as fast as possible. Some policies demand that immediate reporting and total cooperation are required. You may also find out if medical benefits come with your insurance coverage. If you have this type of coverage - regarded as medpay - you should submit all medical bills related to the accident to the insurance.


Medpay coverage is basically tailored for medical bills related to accidents. If your medpay has been exhausted, your primary insurer is private health insurance. Medpay perks can be enjoyed by all occupants of the vehicle. 

Seek Medical Help

Oftentimes, injuries caused by car accidents are not felt immediately. A lot of our clients often report pain after several hours or a couple of days after the collision. Ensure that you seek medical attention at any local emergency room unless you are very sure that you suffered no injury.


Even if the accident involves a minor collision, you may suffer injury to your spinal cord. If you were unconscious for a brief period after the impact, you should consult a medical professional as soon as possible. After all, if left untreated, you can suffer certain cognitive and behavioral changes. 

Keep a File

Ensure that all information and documents that relate to the accident are kept safe. These details should include the claim’s adjuster who is handling the claim, a claim number, phone numbers and names of all contacts, and any other expenses that may be incurred because of the accident.

Protect Your Rights

This is probably the most important requirement you must never ignore. After an accident, you should contact a competent attorney that can help you protect your rights while ensuring that valuable evidence is not lost. Luckily for you, Take That To Trial has more than 20 years of experience. 


In many cases, insurance companies will require statements after an accident occurs. Your should seek our legal assistance at Take That To Trial before you provide the insurance company with these statements. We will advise you on different issues, including how you can become fully compensated for your damaged vehicle, as well as how you can get good medical attention.


Furthermore, it is worth noting that there are no upfront fees or expenses. At Take That To Trial, we are paid when you get paid. If we don’t recover any money for your personal injury claim, you don’t owe us any attorneys’ fees. 


Common Causes of Car Accidents

In many cases, car accidents are avoidable. Yet, without a full understanding of what causes car accidents, it can be quite challenging for individuals to understand all they must do to avoid them. The most common causes are listed as follows:

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving



Running red lights.jpg

Running Red Lights

Driving in the Rain.jpg

 Driving in the Rain



Drowsy Driving.jpg

Drowsy Driving

careless Driving.jpg

 Careless Driving

Drunk Drive.jpg

Drunk Driving







Lane change_edited.jpg

Unsafe Lane Changes


Night Driving_edited.jpg
Animal crossing.jpg

Night Driving

 Animal Crossings


Construction Sites

improper turn.png
Wrong way driving_edited.jpg

 Improper Turns

  Wrong Way Driving

Diagnostic Test
tire blowout.png

 Vehicle Malfunctions

Tire Blowouts


Car Accidents Statistics in Texas

A car accident can happen when you least expect it. Besides understanding the rules that govern driving on the road, you should acquaint yourself with the various facts and figures about car accidents in Texas. The more you know about car accidents in Texas, the better you can prepare for them if or when it happens to you. Keep reading to learn more.

According to reported traffic crash statistics to the Texas Department of Transportation:

  •  Each year, there are between 40,000 and 70,000 car accidents in Houston.

  • Cities like Amarillo, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and Lubbock recorded between 5,000 and 10,000 car accidents in 2021

  • As of 2021, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas are the cities in Texas with the most car accidents. There were 67,000, 38,000, and 35,000 car accidents respectively in these cities.

  • The most common type of car accident in Texas is rear-end collision.

  • One person was killed in a traffic accident every 1 hour and 57 minutes.

  • Texas recorded over 15,000 car accidents that led to serious injury in 2021.

These statistics reveal the serious challenge of accident-related injuries in Texas. It is important to get the compensation you are entitled to if you are a victim of any car crash. Our lawyers at Take That To Trial are ready to represent you at all times. We help you make the quick and easy financial and physical recovery you need.


Questions You May Be Asked After a Car Accident

With Adrenaline pumping, as well as anger, confusion, and frustration setting in, it may be difficult to gather your thoughts immediately after a car accident. Drivers wouldn't want to admit their fault and this is why conclusions are drawn from third-party testimonies.


While the basics, such as taking pictures and exchanging information, are easy to remember, gathering statements from witnesses and bystanders is essential. As a driver, you must ensure that you gather and secure witnesses to offer the right information to the authorities. The most important questions to ask after a car accident are introduced as follows:

When Did You Notice the Accident?

There are instances when car accident witnesses are present during the collision. Yet, some are present immediately after the scene. Anyways, it is important to understand what they saw. After all, contradicting stories to insurance companies and police can lead to doubt.

Were You Alone at the Time of the Accident? If Not, Who Were You With?

The lawyer employed by the other party may argue and suggest that the witness was distracted. This can occur if the witness had a company when the accident occurred. However, a witness having a company can also help your case if they also witnessed the car accident. If the witness has company, you may proceed to ask for their statement as well.

Where Were You Located When the Accident Occurred?

Did the witness hear the accident from inside a building? Were they present next to the collision? Were they even in the car right next to you? It is important not to ignore these important questions since the lawyer of the other party may argue that your witness was too far away to offer a valid statement with respect to the collision. The closer they were to the accident, the greater the significance of their testimony. 

What did you hear or see?

You should get as much information from your witness as you can. The more details they can present, the higher the credibility of their testimony. Some important information you should consider are:

  • What was the general position of the vehicles involved?

  • Did you hear any screeching or abrupt brakes?

  • Were any of the drivers at high speed?

  • Did any vehicle move erratically?

  • Were there any traffic infractions (did they run red lights?)

Was the Accident Facilitated by the Weather?

There are times when ignorant drivers may travel at unsafe speeds during inclement weather conditions. With a witness statement, this can be properly illustrated. Besides this, the court can even obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the accident scene by relying on witness statements.

Were Any of the Drivers Texting or Speeding?

Approximately 1 out of 4 accidents are a result of a distracted driver. Be that as it may, it can be very difficult to prove that a driver was paying no attention before an accident occurred. Despite this, if you have a witness that may have seen a preoccupied driver, a statement with respect to this, can be significant evidence that they were not paying attention while driving.

Did You Hear the Other Driver Say Anything Immediately After the Accident? If So, What Did They Say?

There are times when drivers share essential information moments after a collision. For instance, some drivers may apologize for their bad or careless driving. This shows their remorse. In fact, they may even notice you were injured in the wreck. With a witness confirmation, what was said in the minutes after the accident can be known. They can also testify if threats were made after the accident.

What Did the Involved Parties Do Right After the Collision?

It is also essential to learn more about the scene. You can illustrate this better with this question. It will also help you test how correct the details your witness provided are. Some information that can be provided through this includes:

  • If someone took the blame for the accident or accused another party

  • If someone fled the scene

  • If any of the drivers were distracted.

Do You Know Any of the Parties Involved in the Accident?

One of the specifics that the involved parties will want to know is whether or not your witness has a conflict of interest. After all, they may wish to help their loved ones who may be involved in the accident. Yet, having a friend or relative in the wreck does not invalidate your statement. The involved parties and the court will evaluate their role by looking at the bigger picture. As a result, even if your friend happens to be the witness, their statement may be valuable to your case.

type of car

Types of Car Accidents Our Lawyers in Houston Handle

Even though every collision is unique, car crashes follow certain patterns. Understanding what they are can help you prevent car accidents:

Rear End.jpg
Collision Coverage
Swipe Side_edited_edited.jpg
Single car Accident_edited.jpg

 Rear-end collisions

Head-on collisions

Side-impact collisions

Sideswipe accidents

Single-vehicle accidents

Multiple vehicle accident_edited.jpg
Rollover accidents.jpg
Blind Spot Accident_edited.jpg
Low-speed accidents.jpg

Multi-vehicle accidents

Rollover accidents

Blind spot accidents

Low-speed accidents

Merging accidents

Car collision caused by bad weather.jpg
Car collisions caused by drunk driving.jpg
PArking Lot Accident.jpg
Pedestrian car accidents.jpg
Car accidents caused by non-owner driver.jpg

Car collision caused by bad weather

Car collisions caused by drunk driving

Parking lots accidents

 Pedestrian car accidents

Car accidents caused by non-owner drivers

Car accidents caused by drowsy driving.jpg

Car accidents caused by drowsy driving


Why You Should Employ A Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents in the United States are unfortunately common. Many challenges come with dealing with car accidents. From insurance company challenges to compensation claims, the consequences of car accidents can be nerve-wracking. Whether you are at fault in a car wreck or you are simply a victim, hiring the service of a competent attorney offers numerous benefits. You can leave the legal duties to capable hands as you try to spend time with your family.


You might hesitate to reach out to an attorney in the case of a car accident. However, there are a number of reasons why you should contact an attorney:

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Investigate Your Crash

To get the right medical attention while dealing with other related expenses, receiving compensation can help a lot. To get this, you need evidence. This evidence must be able to prove irrefutably that the other driver was responsible for the crash. It must also show that the wreck caused you emotional damage, bodily harm, and financial loss.


This might be difficult - or impossible - to achieve on your own. However, a car accident law firm like Take That To Trial will work with investigators to gather footage of the accident, obtain testimonies from eyewitnesses, source important police reports, and even assess any vehicle damage.


Once the right statements and documents that can be used to hold the other driver responsible have been found, these will be compiled in an insurance claim.

A Lawyer Will Negotiate With Insurers

The importance of a proper negotiation with insurers just not be ignored. This represents another good reason to hire a car accident attorney since they can help you deal with insurance companies. Oftentimes, insurers are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting claimants by presenting undervalued settlements while also looking for means to make honest claims invalid.


If you have recently suffered a car accident caused by another driver, you should not negotiate with their insurance provider all by yourself. If you do so, you are more likely to receive a significantly less amount of money you may need to make a full physical and financial recovery.


However, when you employ an experienced car accident law firm like Take That To Trial, they will negotiate with the insurer to ensure that the right amount of settlement, which can account for any loss, is agreed upon. These insurance adjusters are often stubborn and with a competent attorney, you can rely on their experience to deal with them. They will ensure that you get every cent that you deserve.

Car Accident Attorneys Have Essential Courtroom Experience

In most cases, victims of car accidents get their compensation from an insurance settlement. However, there are times when some are forced to file a lawsuit. This often occurs when the insurer of the guilty party refuses to make a sufficient settlement.


You cannot handle this on your own. With a car accident attorney, you can easily navigate the challenging processes that are involved in suing an ignorant driver in court. They will also present the evidence gathered to the court. Besides this, they may bring witnesses while making well-constructed arguments to suggest why you deserve ample compensation.


Even though the chances of taking the case to court are relatively low, as mentioned earlier, the possibility of an intense battle in the courtroom cannot be ignored. For this reason, you must hire a car accident attorney. You may need to go to a trial to receive the money you need for complete recovery. As a result, you must be well-prepared.

Your Lawyer Will Meet Important Deadlines

It is also important to rely on the knowledge of essential legal deadlines. This represents an excellent reason why you should employ a car accident attorney. If a certain date has been set for your lawsuit to be filed, your lawyer will be aware of this and will pool all resources together to work on how every piece of evidence and other details are submitted on time.


According to TEX.CIV. PRAC.& REM.CODE ANN. § 16.003(a), the basic statute of limitations for a car accident in Texas is two years. This implies that a person must bring suit for personal injury no later than two years after the day the cause of action accrues.


This statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims varies from one state to another. Your attorney will understand how these deadlines work better.

An Attorney Can Determine Which Damages You’re Owed

When you have no background knowledge or qualification in personal injury law, you may be totally unaware of the various damages you are eligible for. By hiring a competent car accident attorney, you can effectively assess how the accident affects certain aspects of your life. This can help you determine the losses that are legally recoverable. With this in mind, some of the compensation you can receive for the losses you may experience include:

  • Medical bills: With these damages, you can pay for any medical procedures, doctor's appointments, prescription drugs, surgeries, or any assistive devices that can help you recover from your injury.


  • Decreased earning ability: Victims of serious car accidents can suffer long-term injuries, which may prevent them from performing their various work duties as effectively as they used to. With the help of an attorney, they can secure the right compensation that can make up for these reduced earning abilities.

  • Lost wages: If your injury caused you to miss work, these damages can help compensate for the wages you lost.

  • Vehicle repair bill: A car accident will often leave your vehicle damaged, regardless of how severe it is. You should provide your car accident attorney with a copy of the repair bills for your car, they will ensure that you get paid for these expenses.


  • Pain and suffering: Victims of a car accident may suffer severe pains that can prevent them from carrying out their daily duties - or keep them from focusing. If the pain you are dealing with is significant and is causing you a lot of pain, your attorney should request these damages.

Car Accident Lawyers Don’t Charge Upfront Fees for Their Services

The best car accident law firms like Take That To Trial will not charge you upfront - or exorbitant fees - to enjoy their services. Rather, you will be charged what is regarded as a contingency fee. You should know that the contingency fee is often a fraction of your entire settlement or the jury verdict.


In many cases, some attorneys may take about 30% of your total winnings in exchange for legal representation and counsel. If the claim is denied, you have no worries about paying a huge amount of money. After all, no fees are involved until your attorney wins the case. Furthermore, with affordable advocacy, a car accident attorney can help you with your case.

documents do

What Documents Do You Need To Prove A Car Accident Injury Claim? 

Car accidents are serious issues in Texas. Yet, it is important that many victims don't get the full compensation they are entitled to. According to Texas laws, filing a car accident lawsuit against another driver places the burden of proof on you. At Take That To Trial, we have the experience and the right lawyers to represent you. Our attorneys will help you gather the right documents you need to prove your case. Some of these include:

improper turn.png
  • Medical records and bills

  • Police reports

  • Photographs

  • Pay Stubs And Wage Loss Documents

  • Expert Witnesses 

  • Witness Testimony

  • Reduced Quality of Life

hire an

Hire an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Houston Today

We all try as much as we can to prevent car accidents. However, when they happen, the importance of employing the services of a competent attorney cannot be stressed enough. The car accident lawyers at Take That To Trial have more than 20 years of experience assisting victims of auto collisions to get the right compensation that they deserve.


Furthermore, Take That To Trial have recovered MILLIONS for our clients who have been wrongfully injured. Regardless of how small, we want to hear from you. Rest assured that your case will be handled by a team dedicated to delivering results. To enjoy the affordable legal counsel you demand, reach out to our firm today via:



Ph: (832) 770-6100


Fax: (832) 426-5798


You can visit us at 1401 Cleburne St,


Houston, Texas 77004


We can't wait to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents In Houston

Should I get a lawyer for a car accident?

Ans: Yes, you should get a lawyer if you are involved in a car accident. Hiring a competent attorney will significantly boost your chances of getting the compensation you are entitled to.

What damages can I recover for a car crash in Houston?

Ans: Oftentimes, victims of car accidents are entitled to compensations for their economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Medical bills

  • Loss of wages, benefits, future earning capacity, and other income

  • Physical pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish

  • Scarring and disfigurement

  • Emotional distress

Can I negotiate a settlement for car accidents?

Ans: Oftentimes, it makes no sense to represent yourself, especially if you have no background knowledge in personal injury law. By hiring our attorneys at Take That To Trial, we will help you negotiate the right settlement you are entitled to on your behalf.

What is better: to go to court or settle?

Ans: It is generally better to settle out of court. The throes of filing a lawsuit, as well as the money and time expended in taking car accidents to trial, can be prevented by settling out of court. However, if it proves impossible to settle without involving the court, then taking the case to trial may be the best course of action. At Take That To Trial, our attorneys will help you negotiate a settlement with the insurance company, and an agreement might be reached before the court date.

Must I accept a settlement offer?

Ans: You are not obligated to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company. If you reject the first offer, your attorneys at Take That To Trial will negotiate on your behalf to get the right compensation you deserve. Should the negotiation lead to an unwanted result, there is time to take the case to trial. Our lawyers at Take That To Trial may even settle after you file a lawsuit but before the case gets to trial.

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