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Doordash Delivery Accidents

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The Popularity of Doordash Delivery

Gone are the days when people, who were ready to eat, had only two options to choose from: cooking at home or simply going out to buy a meal. Only specific restaurants allowed delivery or ordering takeout. However, in recent times, another option has become quite popular. Now, many people can make use of food delivery services to enjoy an additional delivery option that was never available in the past to get food straight to your doorstep.


DoorDash was established in 2013 with the aim of offering dining establishment food to customers anytime internal delivery options were not provided by the restaurants. This ensures that the restaurants can do without the expenses of utilizing shipment chauffeurs while retaining their profit by selling food.


Contact a Doordash Delivery Accidents Attorney

While DoorDash delivery offers a convenient option for many users, delivery chauffeurs may be involved in accidents on their path. This has resulted in many questioning the party to sue and what they can receive as compensation if they got injured in such accidents.


The cost of recovery can be daunting for some people, especially when the crash is severe. Yet, it is worth stressing that our DoorDash delivery auto accident lawyers in Houston can help you file a DoorDash accident lawsuit. Our law firm at Take That To Trial has a team of competent lawyers with experience in these DoorDash accidents. 


We have been serving our clients for more than two decades. As you choose to pursue the right compensation for your injuries, we ensure that the right legal assistance is provided to you.


What Damages Can You Recover From a Doordash Accident?

The injuries to victims in a Doordash accident can vary in severity. Regardless, it is important to seek medical assistance. This can help you recover your losses while figuring out the exact amount they can seek in compensation. There are two types of damages: economic and non-economic damages.


Economic damages have financial value and they relate to the accident. That is, the value can be quantified. These damages could include:

  • Past and future medical expenses

  • Past and future lost wages

  • Household services

  • Vocational rehabilitation

  • Property damages

  • Costly expenses

  • Lost earning capacity


Medical expenses are bills that are a result of the injuries that are suffered during the accident. Oftentimes, an appellate court will take a look at the total amount of medical expenses in order to determine whether an overall award of damages is reasonable. 


You could also seek non-economic damages. These are losses from the accident that do not have an established dollar value but are still recoverable. These can include:


Pain and suffering



Disfigurement, such as scarring


At Take That To Trial, we will help you determine your recoverable compensation after reviewing all the damages from the collision and seek to hold the party at fault accountable for paying them.


Common Causes of DoorDash Delivery Accidents

The rise in the popularity of food delivery services has contributed to the increase in crashes. Seeking compensation for injuries you might have sustained in a DoorDash delivery accident requires you to understand the various causes of such collisions. This section will explain better.


Food delivery drivers are usually between the ages of 18 to 25 years. What this implies is that the lack of experience can result in costly human errors, including speeding and distracted driving. In many cases, delivery services do not require any special license from their drivers. Their susceptibility to errors can increase the possibility of collisions happening on the road.

High Pressure

The pressure of meeting the demands of customers cannot be denied in food delivery jobs. There are many times when drivers would need to get to their customers while making sure that food remains warm without mix-ups as well.


This can place huge pressure on drivers to get to their consumers as quickly as possible. Failing to meet up with the demands of these consumers can result in poor reviews and ratings, subjecting them to strict penalties. With this in mind, drivers may resort to speeding while paying less attention to traffic rules.

Unfamiliar Delivery Routes

There are times when drivers may be required to navigate unfamiliar delivery routes. After all, they must make food deliveries wherever the client’s address directs them. Besides this, regardless of the road conditions, the driver must make deliveries. There are also external factors that can affect the driver's route. These could include deteriorating roads, storms, and dense areas of people. All of these can contribute to DoorDash delivery accidents happening.

Use of Mobile Phones while Driving

Almost all food delivery drivers make use of their mobile phones while driving. Their smartphones are necessary anytime they wish to keep track of drop-off and pick-up addresses. As they seek to update consumers on their orders, these drivers must communicate with users.


It is likely to get distracted by picking up phones for just a few minutes while driving. Even if you are driving at 55 miles per hour, it will only take four and a half seconds to drive the length of a football field. This is how long it can take to look at your phone. This can increase the possibility of a DoorDash delivery collision.

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What Delivery Companies and the Government can do to Reduce DoorDash Accidents

It behooves the food delivery companies and the government to implement strict regulations to promote safe driving. Certain measures should be taken to achieve this. Some of these are explained as follows: 

Construction of roads and fixing of junk roads.

One of the basic responsibilities of the government is to construct roads and fix bad ones. This can significantly promote safe driving. The risk of road accidents becomes much higher with bad roads since it makes it quite uncomfortable for drivers anytime they move along such roads.


For most drivers, it is safe to avoid and move away from potholes, but this can plunge them into road accidents. This is what the government should seek to rectify.

Licensing and authorizing worthy vehicles on the road.

The delivery companies are responsible for ensuring that only drivers who are eligible to drive and with valid driving licenses are allowed behind the wheel.


By doing so, they can prevent road accidents while reducing the frequency of reckless driving on the road. It is equally important to ensure that their vehicles meet the right road safety standards before they are allowed to move to the road. This should include constant inspection of these vehicles to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Setting up good road safety policies, systems, and structures

The importance of setting up effective road safety policies cannot be stressed enough. This will promote safety on the road. As a result, the government is responsible for implementing regulations and policies that can prevent road accidents in the country.


It should be stressed that policies, practices, and laws are only useful if they are being enforced to promote safety. This implies that all the components of the government must implement policies to facilitate road safety.


By doing this, the possibility of DoorDash delivery accidents will reduce significantly. This is an important responsibility of the government in promoting road safety.

Carry out public awareness programs

By launching public awareness programs, the government can educate people on what it takes to embrace safe driving practices, as well as their importance. The program will also include highlighting the various safety precautions that drivers and pedestrians must know.

Encourage safe driving

Drivers will be encouraged to embrace safe driving practices when they realize that there are fringe benefits that come with doing so. These could include reduced insurance rates for drivers who may have not been involved in any DoorDash delivery accidents. With this, drivers will be eager to follow traffic laws.

What to do After a DoorDash

What to do After a DoorDash Accident

Anytime there is a food delivery accident, the resulting shock may leave victims confused even though important steps must be taken as soon as possible to get necessary legal actions running. If you are involved in a DoorDash accident and you wish to get the compensation you deserve, the following steps are very important:

Dial 911: This is the first step that you are required to take immediately after a DoorDash delivery collision. By dialing 911, you alert the ambulance service and the police of their needed attention. Once they arrive at the scene, the responding officer will speak to all parties involved. Then, they will create an official police report that reveals what happened and who may be liable for the collision. Then, you or your attorney should get a copy of this report from the police department.

 Document evidence: If you are a victim of such an accident, ensure that you gather relevant evidence by taking photos of your injuries and making videos of the damaged cars. You can also speak to any witnesses and try to get their statements. This may help you establish negligence, especially if it falls within any type of DUI. Also, ensure you can remember everything that happened.

Get medical assistance: The importance of seeking medical assistance cannot be stressed enough. The shock of the collision, as well as the subsequent adrenaline rush, may mask some serious injuries, which may only become apparent after several hours or days of the actual incident. For this reason, it is important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible before any serious injuries worsen. After all, your health and well-being remain the priority.


Furthermore, by visiting a doctor and getting an official medical report, you can know the extent of your injuries. This is what you can use to estimate the maximum compensation you deserve. These medical reports can also serve as evidence, which you can use during the negotiation process or in court to prove the damages and injuries you suffered during the collision. This will significantly help you build a strong case.

Hire a competent DoorDash accident lawyer: Even though you are not obligated to hire a lawyer to represent you, the importance of legal assistance cannot be stressed enough. After all, when you rely on the experience of a competent attorney, you can significantly boost your chances of building a successful case.


When you work with an attorney, they will provide you with all your legal options while taking you through the process to serve your best interests. An experienced lawyer on our team at Take That To Trial will carry out various functions, including reviewing your case, offering legal advice, and commencing the steps to obtain the settlement amount you deserve. 


There are several reasons why you should hire our services at Take That To Trial. Keep reading to learn more!


Why You Should Call an Attorney After a DoorDash Delivery Accident

Once a DoorDash accident happens, it is important for the victim to take the right steps. One of these involves reaching out to an attorney for legal assistance. Following important legal steps will increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. These are some of the reasons you need a DoorDash attorney:

In-depth knowledge is essential

It is safe to suggest that you lack a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law. It is not unlikely that most victims are not familiar with the legal information that surrounds DoorDash accidents. In any given situation, hiring the service of a top attorney is your best bet. After all, you can rely on the experience that can help your negotiation process.


This is precisely what we offer at Take That To Trial. We offer you legal advice while helping you take the fight to insurance companies to get the right compensation you are entitled to. Having our legal assistance will make the legal process less daunting for you.

Making proper investigations on your behalf

There is no doubt that you must be reeling from the effect of the injuries you may have suffered during the DoorDash accident. For this reason, you need to pursue compensation for your losses. To build a strong case, you need to gather relevant evidence and make proper findings to understand how the crash happened.


At Take That To Trial, we have the necessary resources to help you make findings to get irrefutable evidence that can help your compensation claim. If necessary, we may also hire the service of experts like accident reconstructionists to understand how the collision occurred. You can reach out to our attorneys for a free consultation.

Handling your damages

It is no strange fact that DoorDash accidents can cause a lot of damage. This can vary from inconvenience to Past and future medical expenses. It is important to be well-versed in estimating your damages to determine the appropriate cost. This is why you should reach out to our attorneys at Take That To Trial. We will walk you through the entire process and help you estimate the damages and compensation you are entitled to.

Insurance companies may be difficult to deal with

The first thing you must note when pursuing a compensation claim is that insurance companies would always want to undervalue your claim and get it dismissed as quickly as possible. If you are not well-represented legally, they may even force a very low amount on you for damages even if you are with strong evidence.


However, you can take advantage of having a top attorney by your side, as well as their power of negotiation. Insurance companies are difficult to deal with, but the presence of a competent attorney and good evidence will force them to give you the maximum compensation you deserve.


Furthermore, there are times when agreements may not be reached. In this case, filing a lawsuit may be the best course of action. While there is never a 100% guarantee of winning such cases in court, it remains the best step to take when insurance companies refuse to be reasonable.


In our top attorneys at Take That To Trial, you can rely on the experience that can significantly boost your chances of winning such cases in court while getting the full compensation you are entitled to.

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Contact Us At Take That To Trial For Legal Assistance

Unlike what many people think, getting legal assistance is quite affordable. At Take That To Trial, we are only paid a contingency fee. This implies that you only pay us once we have won your case. So, reaching out to us is free. You can speak to our attorney and get the answers to your numerous questions.


At Take That To Trial, we understand that accidents may happen when you least expect them. For this reason, it is impossible to fully prepare for unforeseen collisions and the consequences that follow. The injury suffered in these accidents may leave victims with costly medical bills to pay. Adding other damages to this may be daunting for many. For this reason, pursuing compensation claims is necessary.


If you are a victim of a DoorDash accident, then you need the best representation that can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have been representing accident victims for over 20 years combined!  Rest assured that your case will be handled by a team that is devoted to delivering excellent results.


We are available at all times and we will provide you with details of any updates on your case to keep you abreast. You can reach out to us via:


1401 Cleburne St, Houston, Texas 77004




Ph: (832) 770-6100


Fax: (832) 426-5798


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the first thing to do after a DoorDash accident?

Ans:  The first step to take after a DoorDash accident is to dial 911, which alerts the ambulance service and the police of their needed attention. Once they arrive at the scene, the responding officer will speak to all parties involved. Then, they will create an official police report that reveals what happened and who may be liable for the collision.

2. How long do you have to report a DoorDash accident to your insurance?

Ans:  The terms of your policy will determine the amount of time you have to report a DoorDash accident to your insurance provider. It is also important that you acquaint yourself with the various terms to ensure that you report the accident as required. By failing to report an accident as required by the terms of the policy, you will likely allow the insurer to deny coverage later, even if your compensation claim is otherwise legitimate.

3. How do you know who was at fault for a car accident?

Ans:  Figuring out who was at fault for a DoorDash accident usually demands a detailed investigation. However, one of the most common causes of DoorDash accidents is driver error. Yet, other parties may also bear some responsibilities. Other parties that can be liable in a DoorDash accident include:

  • The manufacturers

  • The employers of drivers

  • Government agencies

  • Property owners


By carrying out a detailed investigation, you will look into any traffic violations or evidence of carelessness by a driver, as well as any defects in any parts of the vehicle and the layout of the accident scene.

4. How much money can you get from a DoorDash accident settlement?

Ans: ​The amount of money that you stand a chance of getting from a DoorDash accident settlement will be determined by the specific situations of your accident and injuries. It is worth noting that no set amount is associated with any type of damage. Insurers sometimes adopt the use of multipliers of two or three anytime they estimate non-economic damages (like pain and suffering). Be that as it may, you should not apply any formula to your case but instead consult an attorney for an estimate.

5. What types of damages will a DoorDash accident settlement cover?

Ans: ​In general, a DoorDash accident settlement will cover two main types of damages: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are often also known as special damages, while non-economic damages are often also known as general damages. Economic damages are quantifiable and account for medical bills, property damage, lost income, and other financial losses. On the other hand, non-economic damages account for a victim’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost enjoyment of life, and other more subjective forms of harm.

6. Do you have to accept an insurance settlement?

Ans: ​No, you do not have to accept an insurance settlement that appears to be unfairly low to you. In fact, you should be especially wary of accepting an insurer’s initial offer, which is often the lowest value they can offer. This may not take all of your injuries into account. If you do not accept an offer, however, you may eventually need to file a lawsuit.

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