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Amputation Injury

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Amputations can be a result of a devastating accident. The necessary medical treatment will be very expensive. There is also a possibility of facing numerous life-threatening complications. There will also be a great need to adjust to life without the use of a body part. Numerous changes may have to be made in your home. These challenges and difficulties are common for victims of accidents that led to amputation.


The availability of various legal options is worth remembering, especially during this difficult period. If the injury you suffered was a result of the negligence of another party, it is possible to file a compensation claim against them. With this claim, it is possible to pursue damages that are a result of physical pain, medical costs, emotional distress, and other losses.


To significantly increase your chances of receiving the compensation claim you deserve, you need to reach out to a top attorney in Houston. With this in mind, you should reach out us at Take That To Trial. You can schedule a free consultation with us. Our attorneys will listen to all of your questions. They will also provide you with all the legal options you can explore.

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Amputation Statistics in The United States

In the United States, amputation is much more common than most people realize. Yet, these numbers keep growing. Understanding the numbers behind these devastating injuries will ensure that people can start advocating for their loved ones. Victims can also feel less alone during their journey with limb loss while raising awareness through important actions.

  • There are more than 2 million people living with limb loss in the USA, and that number is expected to double by 2050.

  • More than 185,000 people have an amputation each year. This implies that between 300 and 500 amputations are carried out every day.

  • Over 1,550 military personnel lost a limb because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • About 30% of people with limb loss experience anxiety or depression.

  • 85% of lower limb amputations are preceded by a foot ulcer.

  • Lifetime healthcare costs for people with limb loss are $509,275, which can be compared to $361,200 for people without limb loss.

  • In 2013, hospital charges for patients who underwent an amputation totaled $8.7 billion.

  • Among people with diabetes who are with a lower extremity amputation, which can be as high as 55%, will require amputation of the second leg within 2 to 3 years.

  • Between 1988 and 2009, the number of amputations caused by diabetes rose by 24%.

  • Below-knee amputations are the most common amputations. These represent 71% of dysvascular amputations1; there is a 47% expected increase in below knee amputations between 1995 to 2020.

  • The estimated annual cost to American private & public insurance agencies is $12 billion.

  • There are over 1 million limb amputations across the globe annually. This translates to one in every 30 seconds.

  • According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), it has been predicted that the current global prevalence of diabetes will rise significantly from 285 million to 435 million by 2030.

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Types of Amputation Injuries

Traumatic amputations can either be partial or complete. While a partial amputation occurs when a limb is still partly attached to the body, a complete amputation is one in which the limb or appendage fully detaches from the body. Besides these, there are different ways through which a person can suffer an amputation injury. These are introduced as follows:

Avulsion amputations

An avulsion amputation is one in which a limb is stretched so much that it eventually detaches from the body. This type of amputation mostly occurs after a limb becomes caught in a piece of heavy machinery. It causes blood vessels and nerves to be torn away at different levels. This contributes to extensive tissue damage. As a result, it becomes very difficult to save a limb after an avulsion amputation. This is due to the severe damage that is usually sustained.

Crush amputations

This is also commonly seen after an accident involving heavy machinery. It is one in which a very heavy object is compressed against the limb for a prolonged period. This causes great damage to the muscles, nerves, tissues, blood vessels, and bones. The crushing effect is usually so severe and so extensive that the limb cannot be saved.

Sharp amputations

These amputations are a result of a clean cut. As a result, they have the best chance for reattachment. These cuts have well-defined edges. This makes it easier to reattach the torn limbs.


Psychological Impact of Amputations

Losing a limb can have a very devastating psychological impact. Many amputees report feeling emotions, including depression, grief, and bereavement, which have many similarities with those experienced upon the death of a loved one. For this reason, being able to cope with the psychological impact of an amputation is often as important as coming to terms with the physical demands.


The psychological impact of undergoing an amputation cannot be ignored. After all, victims must cope with the following:

  •  the loss of sensation from the amputated limb

  • the loss of function from the amputated limb

  • Massive changes in both one’s own body image, as well as other's perceptions of one’s body

Negative emotions and thoughts are some of the consequences of an amputation. This is even so for those who undergo an emergency amputation since there was never time for mental preparation for the impacts of surgery.


Some common negative thoughts and emotions that are often experienced after an amputation are listed as follows:

  • Anxiety

  •  Depression

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Denial 

  • Grief

  • Suicidal thoughts


 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may follow an amputation that is caused by a traumatic injury (most common among members of the armed forces).


The recovery process may be a very long one. It is important to talk to a care team with regard to feelings and thoughts. This is especially imperative if there is a feeling of suicidal thoughts and depression. There may be a need for additional treatment, including counseling and antidepressants. This will help them improve their ability to cope with their current situation.


If the injury you suffered is due to someone's negligence, then you should seek legal assistance. After all, the damages and losses that are caused by such injuries may be so severe that recovery becomes so difficult. As a result, you may be entitled to a compensation claim for the damages you suffered. At Take That To Trial, we have top attorneys that will fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

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Damages You May be Entitled to

As mentioned earlier, the recovery process from an amputation can be so difficult. If the injury was caused by another party, then you can pursue a compensation claim or file a lawsuit against the guilty party in court.


The damages you may be entitled to can either be economic (quantifiable by value) or non-economic (subjective during negotiation). Some of these may include


  • Medical bills (including surgery, physical therapy, doctor's appointments, and more)

  • Lost wages

  • Emotional distress (depression, negative thoughts, and grief)

  • Pain and suffering

  • Inability to engage in routine physical activities


Having a medical report can be irrefutable evidence that shows the extent of pain and suffering that someone else's negligence has caused you. At Take That To Trial, we work tirelessly to ensure that you get the compensation claim you need to make your recovery process easier.


What to do After an Amputation Injury

Amputation injury can be quite severe and life-threatening. For this reason, taking the right steps is very important to save lives and promote the possibility of pursuing a compensation claim or filing a lawsuit against the guilty party in court. What are these steps? Keep reading to learn more!

Call emergency services

An amputation injury can be life-threatening, especially immediately after the accident. For this reason, instant medical care is required. Before the arrival of medical services, there are precautions necessary to prevent too much blood loss.


The first step is to stop the bleeding. A complete amputation may not bleed very much. It is possible for the cut blood vessels to spasm, pull back into the injured part, and shrink. This significantly reduces or completely stops the bleeding. 


However, if there is bleeding, do the following:

  • If available, wash your hands with water and soap. Wear disposable gloves.

  • If gloves are not available, use many layers of clean cloth, plastic bags, or the cleanest material available between your hands and the wound.

  • Ensure that the injured person lies down and raises the bleeding site.

  • Remove any visible objects in the wound that are easy to remove.

  • Remove or cut clothing from around the wound.

  • Apply constant direct pressure for about 15 minutes.

  • If blood soaks through the cloth, make use of another one without necessarily lifting the first. If an object is present in the wound, apply much pressure around the object, but not directly over it.

  • If moderate to severe bleeding has not slowed or stopped, continue direct pressure while getting help.

  • By all means, ensure that you keep the wound clean and avoid further injury to the area.

  • Mild bleeding usually stops on its own or simply reduces to an ooze or trickle once you apply pressure for about 15 minutes.

  • It may ooze or trickle for up to 45 minutes.

Get the police report

If you are a victim of an amputation injury, you will most likely not be able to make a 911 call. However, a call made to the police department will call their attention to the accident. They investigate and gather details of the incident by questioning all involved parties and eyewitnesses.


From this, they can create an official police report. You should have your attorney get a report on your behalf since you will probably not be able to.

Gather relevant evidence

You should seek compensation if you suffer an amputation injury due to the negligence of someone else. To strengthen your case, you should collect as much evidence as you can. If you can get pictures or videos of the scene of the accident, that's good. However, your medical reports and bills should serve as irrefutable proof to show that the impact of the injury you suffered was significant. This would be useful during the negotiation and trial process.

Hire a top attorney

You can never take all the necessary steps on your own. An amputation injury is often devastating and taking up huge responsibilities in your condition is almost impossible. For instance, getting a police report will be done by your attorney.


Besides this, you need the right legal assistance to help you begin the process of pursuing a compensation claim. The right steps to take will be explained to you by your attorney. Furthermore, the negotiation skills of your attorney will come to the fore as you fight insurance companies for the compensation you are entitled to.


This is why you should reach out to us at Take That To Trial. Our records speak for themselves. You can rely on the experience of our top attorneys to help you understand the rights and options you can explore. We also offer a free consultation and our lawyers will listen to you. By reaching out to us, you significantly increase your chances of getting the compensation you need for your recovery.


Texas Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations represents the maximum amount of time after an accident that you can initiate legal action. In the state of Texas, the personal injury statute of limitations is two years. What this implies is that you have no more than two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party responsible for your injury.


If you miss the deadline to file a lawsuit with the court, you will lose your right to pursue any compensation for the injury you suffered. For this reason, it is crucial that you remain aware of the statute of limitations while taking swift action if are injured.


With this in mind, it is important that you speak to our amputation injury attorney at Take That To Trial as soon as possible. Your rights to pursue compensation are time-sensitive. You can schedule a free consultation with our top attorneys to explore all your legal rights. We will invest much effort in helping you fight for the compensation you deserve.


Why Take That To Trial is the Right Choice for You

You need to seek compensation for an amputation injury you may have suffered as a result of someone else's negligence. A top attorney in Houston will help you with this. With the great number of law firms that specialize in personal injury law, you need to make the right choice. What makes Take That To Trial the best? Keep reading to learn more!

Our experience is invaluable

We have more than two decades of experience, which makes us more than capable of handling an amputation injury case. We understand how sensitive and emotional this might be for you. As a result, we invest much effort to ensure that our clients get the compensation they are entitled to.


We know all the details we can explore to help you boost your chances of getting the desired result. Our wealth of experience ensures that we do not leave out any important details. 

Our track record is remarkable

We have won numerous cases of amputation injuries and the success rate is nothing short of excellent. Our past efforts, awards, and success is enough to convince you of how effective our assistance is. You have nothing to worry about. We plan on keeping our impressive record at Take That To Trial. Our lawyers are devoted to success.

The available resources are beneficial

While pursuing a compensation claim, the importance of resources cannot be stressed enough. We have the resources to treat your case with the uniqueness it deserves. We focus the needed attention on making sure that all details are taken into consideration.


We also help you carry out more comprehensive investigations that can help you gather irrefutable evidence that strengthens your case. If necessary, we can hire accident reconstructionist experts to help gather evidence that may have been missed out on initially. With our resources, the chances of winning are significantly higher.

​Hire a Consultations are free

You can schedule a free consultation with our top attorneys to understand all you need to do to pursue a compensation claim. You do not have to pay a retainer to get our services. We operate on a contingency-fee basis. That is, all resources we provide to investigate the incident and represent your legal interest are available for free. We only accept payment from you when we have won your case. 

You can reach us at all times

We understand the importance of being able to reach us as easily as possible. That is why we ensure that our services are available at all times. An amputation injury may render clients unable to visit us. As a result, our attorneys are willing to meet up with clients to speak to them and provide legal advice.


We also understand the significance of keeping you updated. Any latest developments in your case will be relayed to you as fast as possible. Our lawyers are professional and friendly, making the legal process as simple for you as possible. We also explain the various options you can explore while helping you make informed decisions.


Reach Out to Us at Take That To Trial and Explore Your Options

Proving that the negligence of another party caused the amputation injury, or resulted in a situation that necessitated amputation, implies one thing: reliving a nightmare all over again. This can be very difficult for you to go through physically and emotionally. You shouldn't have to go through the fear, stress, and trauma on your own.


At Take That To Trial, we are here to fight for you. We have the resources needed to take the fight to the big insurance company. We have won millions of dollars in compensation for our clients over the years. Our 20 years of combined experience speaks for itself. You need the quality medical care, lost wages, and long-term rehabilitation to recover as quickly as possible. 


Take That To Trial has helped its clients rebuild their lives. This includes providing for their families, keeping their homes, and finding new careers. This is what the compensation we win can help you achieve. Together, we can fight guilty parties and their insurance companies to hold them accountable while forcing them to do the right thing by you and your loved ones. 


However, if an agreement proves impossible to reach, we can also help you file a lawsuit against the guilty parties in court. You can schedule a free consultation with our lawyers. We will listen to you and help you figure out the best options to explore. As mentioned earlier, we operate on a contingency-fee basis. This implies that we only receive money from you after we have won your case for you. We are affordable and our attorneys are devoted to delivering the right results. Yet, you should call as soon as possible.


If you wish to reach out to us, you can contact us through:




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We are eager to hear from you!

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