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Bus Accident

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Many Houston residents often make use of buses to commute or travel to a different city. Sadly, the dense traffic that Houston boasts makes bus accidents in the city an all-too-common occurrence. Anytime bus accidents occur, all parties involved, including injured victims and the innocent, are left to deal with the impacts of their injuries. These could include lost wages, medical bills, and lower quality of life, which can be a result of disability and pain.


On top of that, it would be wrong for these victims to have to deal with the rigors of fighting big companies for the compensation they are entitled to all by themselves. For over 20 years, Take That To Trial has invested much effort in helping victims of these accidents recover as fast as possible after these life-threatening accidents.


Our firm is dedicated to seeking the right outcome for our clients' cases. We have invested so much effort in securing complete and fair compensation for injuries that our clients may suffer. One of our top attributes is our ability to focus our full attention to meet our clients' satisfaction.

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Why Bus Accidents  Are Often Serious And Complicated

Oftentimes, fighting for a bus accident claim can be more complicated than pursuing car accident compensation. After all, bus accidents often tend to be more complex than other car accidents for many reasons:

More serious injuries: Bus accidents tend to lead to life-changing injuries. Passengers inside a bus have no benefit of relying on airbags or seat belts to minimize the impacts of collision, which can prevent injuries. Even if a bus collides with a vehicle much smaller than it, there is a possibility for the passengers on the bus to be seriously hurt.

More injured victims: Sometimes, collisions may involve numerous buses, which can leave numerous people inside the bus and outside the bus with severe injuries. Anytime different people get injured, the financial resources of the liable party may be exhausted quickly. This implies that many injured individuals may not get the appropriate settlement for their damages and injuries. 

More vehicles involved: There are times when bus accidents may occur in downtown Houston or other populated areas. In this case, there could be multiple vehicles involved in the crash. As a result, it can become even more difficult to figure out how the accident occurred and who the liable party may be.

Multiple liable parties: Different companies, individuals, and public institutions are responsible for lots of vehicles you find on the road. Any of these parties may be liable for a crash. In fact, multiple parties may share some of the responsibility for the bus accident.

Complex insurance coverage: Some bus companies boast complex insurance structures. These could include layered coverages that may not be initiated until certain requirements are satisfied. As a result, such a complicated structure can make it more difficult for injured victims to understand how much they can get as compensation for injuries and damages.

More state and federal regulations: Bus accidents often involve more pieces of evidence than typical car crashes. Different kinds of buses are governed by different federal and state regulations. As a result, different regulations may govern intercity buses, charter buses, school buses, or transit buses.

Buses operated by local governments: There are different bus lines that are run entirely - or in part - by the local government of a city with jurisdiction in which they operate, including Houston's METRO. A separate body of law governs any claims against these types of bus companies. They also involve short deadlines, which can provide notice and limits on the sum of money a victim can recover.

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Causes of Bus Accidents In Houston

There are various causes of bus accidents, just as there are different causes of car accidents. Sadly, the severity and brutal nature of these collisions are significantly greater due to the number of passengers on a bus, as well as the massive size and weight of buses. As they handle your lawsuit, one of the first actions an attorney will take is to determine the cause of the accident, which led to your injuries. The following are common causes of bus accidents in Houston:

Bus Driver Negligence

Even though numerous laws are established to regulate bus drivers, they are often ignored l, particularly by charter or tour bus companies. For example, the "hours of service” laws apply to the number of hours that a bus driver can drive on the road. They should be on a break before they begin another shift.


Other regulations govern bus turning, speed, and passing. Drivers may also be ignorant if their attention has been diverted by texting, making calls, or operating their cellphones. Furthermore, poor training of drivers may also result in poor driving, which can result in an accident.

Inclement Weather

A bus accident may also be caused by poor road conditions or poor weather. When you consider driving in bad weather and the large weight of the bus, as well as its reduced maneuverability, the possibility of an accident in such a condition can rise.


Nonetheless, all bus drivers must undergo appropriate training before they are allowed to hit the road. They must also be trained to drive safely according to the weather conditions. Drivers must also adhere to certain precautions anytime they drive in poor weather conditions.

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Bus Company Negligence

A common cause of bus accidents in Houston and throughout the United States is the negligence of bus companies. The motor coach industry transports more than 700 million passengers annually across the country. Despite serving a similar number of clients in the airline industry, bus inspection protocols and record keeping are often taken with levity. 


This implies that bus companies do not pay much attention to the various federal regulations, maintaining their fleets, or giving their drivers adequate training. To maintain - or even boost - their bottom line, these bus companies are often willing to sacrifice public safety


Furthermore, buses often require so much maintenance to ensure that they are safe to be on the road. Unfortunately, you will find many older buses on the road without seat belts and other safety features. This may increase the risk of serious bus accident injuries happening. When a company fails to fix a defective part of a bus due to poor maintenance, a bus accident could occur.

Blind Spots

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a blind spot is “an area that is not seen by the naked eye, or in the equipment provided." Buses are built with mirrors to eliminate blind spots. For this reason, our lawyers at Take That To Trial will argue that a blind spot is just an area that is impossible to be seen by the naked eye or the equipment to be regarded as a blind spot. Note that this equipment should be properly adjusted.


What Compensation Can Be Given For Injuries After A Bus Accident?

After suffering injuries from bus accidents in Houston, which may be life-altering, the compensation you receive can help you make a quick physical and financial recovery. However, if you have no idea of the compensation you can receive for injuries after a bus accident, then you will miss out on a lot. Luckily for you, our attorneys at Take That To Trial will help you fight for compensation, which may include:

Lost wages and income and lost earning capacity:  Your bus accident injuries may hinder you from working as you recover. As a result, there is a certain amount of your wages you will miss out on. This is even true if you cannot work to your full capacity.

Medical bills: Past, ongoing, and future medical bills that are a result of the treatment of the bus accident injury you suffered should be taken care of by the compensation you get.

Pain and suffering: Your inability to engage in the activities you enjoyed before the accident can result in physical impairment.

Loss of consortium: This compensation is provided to your spouse for losing the companionship you provide them because of your bus accident injuries.


These are the compensation you stand a chance of fighting for, especially when you employ our lawyers at Take That To Trial.

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Who May Be Liable For A Bus Accident in Houston?

Many parties can be held responsible anytime a bus accident occurs in Houston. This depends on the companies or public agencies responsible for the buses involved in the collision. Some liable parties include the following:

  • The bus driver

  • The company that operates or owns the bus.

  • Public transit agencies in collisions involving public buses

  • If the crash involves a school bus, local school districts and the transportation agency hired by the school district.

  • The manufacturer of the bus or the manufacturer of auto parts.

  • Third-party mechanics involved in the maintenance of the bus

With the assistance of our bus accident lawyers at Take That To Trial, you can rely on competent experts that can help you review your case to figure out the parties that may be liable for any damages or injuries you sustained.

Common Injuries of Bus Accidents

As mentioned earlier, car occupants enjoy the protection of airbags and seat belts. However, this is not the case for bus passengers. As a result, bus accidents can be generally devastating, be it a school bus, public bus, or party bus. The weight, the restricted maneuverability, and the absence of seat belts - and other protective features - in buses can result in all kinds of serious injuries if an accident occurs. 


Even though a wide range of injuries is possible, the most common ones are listed as follows:

  • Brain injuries

  • Neck and back injuries

  • Cuts and bruises

  • Spine damage

  • Burns

  • Bone fractures

  • Permanent scarring and/or disfigurement

  • Soft tissue injury

These kinds of injuries require the need for medical treatment, as well as the possibility of surgery, hospitalization, or rehabilitation. The inability to perform your daily activities to your full capabilities can also result in lost wages.


This reduced quality of life caused by the aforementioned injuries deserves compensation. If you suffered an injury in a bus accident in Houston, attorneys at Take That To Trial are available to help you handle your case properly.


Types of Bus Accidents We Can Handle At Take That To Trial

Buses are operated by a wide variety of public transit agencies, state and local units, as well as private companies. You can rely on our competent Houston bus accident attorneys at Take That To Trial to help you fight for a claim for compensation following any bus accident. This includes:

  • Public transit system bus accidents

  • Tour bus accidents

  • School bus accidents

  • Charter bus accidents

  • Airport or corporate shuttle accidents

  • Minibus accidents

  • Intercity bus accidents

  • Motorcoach accidents

  • METRO bus accidents


Bus Accident Statute Of Limitations In Texas

The State of Texas has a two-year statute of limitations on any personal injury claims. This implies that you must file a lawsuit within two years of the crash. A statute of limitations is a law that ensures that people cannot bring a lawsuit after a certain period of time has passed.


As a result, if you file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations has expired, the court will dismiss your suit even before you get to trial. Our competent bus accident attorney at Take That To Trial can help you better understand how these rules will affect your car accident lawsuit. 

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What To Do If You Have Been Involved In A Bus Accident

After you have suffered an injury in a bus accident in Houston, there are steps you should keep in mind, and actions you should take. When you follow them, you can protect your legal rights, as well as your options, for chasing financial compensation for any damages and injuries.

Call 911 if no one else has: The first thing you should do after a bus accident is to call 911. Once you make this call, paramedics and the police will be summoned. They will come to the scene and investigate the collision while also determining the party who is at fault. They will also prepare an accident report. You or your lawyer should request a copy of the police report from the responding officer.

Get the bus driver’s name and contact information for their employer: If you are not the driver at fault in a bus accident, ensure you get their contact, as well as any insurance information. The information should also include that of the employer of the guilty bus driver. With this, you know who to reach out to if you choose to file a compensation claim.

Document the accident scene:  As stressed earlier, bus accidents can cause serious injuries. However, if you can, ensure you make videos and take photos of the bus, as well as other vehicles involved in the crash. The photos you take may include the damaged bus, pertinent traffic control at the accident scene, debris from the collision, road conditions, and more. You can also make photos of any injuries you may have suffered. If any eyewitnesses were present at the scene of the crash, ensure that you obtain their contact information, as well as a short statement. 

Get examined at the scene by paramedics or by a doctor at a hospital: The pain you feel after an accident may be masked by the shock of the incident. You may not even feel the pain for hours after the crash. However, by getting yourself examined, any injuries can be revealed before they become even worse or result in more pain. Revealing any injuries not only boosts the prognosis of your treatment but also improves any argument you may have with respect to the injuries suffered after the crash.

Talk to a Houston bus accident lawyer from Take That To Trial Firm: Our attorneys can help you establish your legal rights and options after your accident. We will explain to you the process of fighting for compensation claims for any damages or injuries.


How We Can Help You After A Bus Accident At Take That To Trial

At Take That To Trial, we understand how emotional and confusing a bus accident can be for you. After all, the impact of a bus accident can be severe emotionally and physically. Your inability to work and engage in regular activities may result in mounting medical bills, which may be very difficult to pay. 


However, by enlisting the help of our top attorneys at Take That To Trial after a bus accident injury, you get the assistance you need to speed up processes that can help you get the sufficient compensation you need while preventing further damage. Our experienced lawyers will handle the case expertly.

We Help You Determine the Cause

While you may be sure of the reasons you were involved in a bus crash, the obvious perpetrator may not be the only guilty party. With the help of our bus attorneys, we will help you arrive at the right conclusions about all the liable parties in the accident, as well as the parts they all played in the crash.

We Help You Determine Your Loss

Anytime you suffer a bus accident, determining your loss can be quite difficult. Our attorneys will help you figure out the medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages the collision costs you.

Obtaining Evidence

Anytime an accident involves several vehicles and different victims, identifying the liable party can be very difficult. Irrefutable evidence is often required to make a strong case. By working with our experienced lawyers at Take That To Trial, we will help you gather evidence to support your claim.

We Will Help You Determine Compensation

Even though it may be easy to estimate losses, you need an experienced attorney to help you fight for the right amount of compensation you deserve. Our competent lawyers will help you negotiate to get every cent you are entitled to.

We Help You Get a Quick and Fair Settlement

Several medical procedures may follow a bus accident, depending on the severity of your injuries. This can become complicated and lengthy. With the help of our bus accident lawyers at Take That To Trial, you can easily navigate these processes while ensuring that your injury claim is managed appropriately.

We Help in Promoting Safety for Future Passengers

Many bus passengers are often vulnerable individuals, especially school bus passengers that include little children. As a result, it is crucial to protect their safety at all times. When you employ our services at Take That To Trial, we work together to ensure that safety standards for bus transportation are raised by assisting in identifying and eliminating ignorance, wrongdoing, and recklessness.


Will I Pay Upfront Costs When I Hire Bus Accident Attorneys In Houston?

Many people often think that hiring a bus accident attorney is unaffordable - they can't be further from the truth. As a result, some victims don't even bother to reach out to an attorney. Insurance companies are well aware of this and they often take advantage of this to pay victims less than they actually deserve.


However, it should be stressed that top law firms work on a contingency basis. What this implies is that these attorneys don't get paid unless they win the case. When they win, they get a fair portion of the settlement. We operate like this at Take That To Trial. You do not need to pay an upfront cost. You only pay us when we win your case.


Reach Out To Us At Take That To Trial

The mental and physical impacts of bus accidents can be severe. For this reason, you need the compensation you deserve. At Take That To Trial, our top attorneys work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. You should reach out to our firm today via:




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Regardless of the seriousness of your injury and the accident, we are eager to hear from you!

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