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Personal Injury Lawyer  In Houston

No fees until we recover!

Certified and Experienced

Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston

Backed with over two decades of legal experience, our competent and best personal injury lawyer in Houston are fighting for the rights of victims injured owing to car accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, work injury, and similar incidents resulting from someone else's recklessness.


If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, count on our experienced and professional Houston personal injury attorney into walk you through the claims procedure and fight for your rights in trial.


We handle all personal injury lawsuits on a contingency basis to assist you in achieving justice, implying you don't have to pay us anything up in advance until we win your case. Thus, our personal injury attorneys are determined to put their best efforts into assisting your cases to succeed.

  • Over 20 years of expertise

  • No fees until we win

  • Free consultations

  • Embrace client satisfaction

Certified and Experienced

Get a Free Consultation With Our Houston Personal Injury Attorney!

Seeking the best personal injury attorney in Houston? Entrust your case to us to evaluate it conscientiously while helping you learn more about your legal options. Our attorneys have an impressive track record of effectively representing clients and obtaining the desired compensation.


We will examine your case's facts and the relevant laws and statutes to ascertain your reasonable claim considering the factors such as medical costs, anguish, and lost income. Once we reach an agreement, we'll strive to acquire the monetary compensation you deserve.

Throughout the case, we'll ensure you're adequately reimbursed for your damages by:

  • Acquiring the proof to substantiate your claim

  • Contact the specialists to develop your case

  • Managing conversations on your behalf with the insurance company

  • Guiding you through the process to strengthen your case and achieve the best potential result.

Houston Personal Injury Attorney

Secure Your Justice With Our Personal Injury Attorney Houston!

Our personal injury attorney in Houston will be there for you during every step, describing the procedure and leveraging our expertise to devise an efficient strategy.

How to Determine Whether You Need Assistance From Houston Personal Injury Attorney? 

Whether your injuries are severe or mild, consulting an attorney following an accident and submitting a claim is imperative. Employ a personal injury law company to evaluate the feasibility of your claim depending on your case's specifics. If you believe you don't sustain significant injuries to justify legal action and overlook it, you may lose on receiving the compensation you might entitle to. Thus, engaging the best personal injury lawyer in Houston is vital to avoid jeopardizing the thousands of dollars that might be beneficial to you.

Start Your "No Win No Fee" Claim With Our Houston Personal Injury Attorney 
If you don't determine whether or not you need professional assistance, the following are excellent signs indicating you need one:
  • Your injuries prompted you to miss a week or months of work, owing you money.

  • Due to your injuries, you were hospitalized for many days.

  • You may need more surgeries following your injury.

  • Diagnosed with a chronic or fatal condition due to the recklessness of another person.

What Distinguishes Our Personal Injury Attorney Houston From Others?

Our personal injury attorneys have been assisting numerous wounded victims for over 20 years who have suffered from a wide range of devastating and life-altering injuries, encompassing but aren’t limited to:

  • Brain and head injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Product liability

  • Wrongful death

  • Dog and animal attacks

Since we realize that every case is distinctive, we collaborate with your medical team to evaluate the influence of the sustained injuries on your life. We strive to obtain adequate compensation for you following your injury while committing to winning your case.


Also, we believe in the “No fees unless we win the case” policy, enabling us to work hard to get you the desired reimbursement for your damages. Look no further than Khawaja and Associates PLLC accident lawyers if you have been severely injured in an accident and require a personal injury lawyer in Houston. Call us today for a free consultation!

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